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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The World Bores You When You're Cool.

PuddinPie normally races SS and B's back-to-back. That's right. He uses the SS race as a freakin warm-up. Dont' be fooled by the sobriquet. He is the suffer king. There is a 15 minute break between those races which gives him just enough time to change numbers. Sunday, for what ever reason, he only raced the B's. The face says it all. Tedious. He was so bored he dozed off mid-race. I do SO dig the gold-toes. Classy, Super Classy.


gthoma88 said...

Did someone get a word of the day calendar last Christmas?

I was not bored so much as concentrating on not overcooking that corner and taking out the riot fence like I threatened to every lap.

tjh said...

you're just being modest. You didn't even bother to change your gold-toes after work.

gthoma88 said...



tjh said...

you mow your lawn in those things too?