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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Race report # 5 1/2. Soquel+Speedvagen Acid Test.

Soquel. Home of my one and only cross win....a looooooong time ago in a galaxy far, far...oh never mind. Obviously, I have a soft spot for Soquel, but this year she decided she was in love with someone else. It was a really good course. Lot's of tricky transitions. Look down to see what gear you are in and you're off into the tape. Grass, gravel, loose run-up, whoopdees, pavement, costumes, beer. Crazy. The first lap was a cluster-f*ck as usual. Look folks, strong doesn't equal skilled. If you can't ride off-camber, or handle a tricky transition, get the hell outta the A's or stage at the back. I got passed by the same nut-job 3 times. Sure he was stronger, but I was faster. He was crashing everwhere, and taking people out w/him. Doofus. Anyway, a 1/3rd of the way into the 3rd lap, I picked up a goathead. No! I didn't have any dad-gum sealant for the 10th time...back off. Ran/rode to the pit. It was of course at the start/finish. That meant for a long jog and I got passed by nearly everyone. Grabbed the pit bike and realized I was running about 30 psi in the clinchers...sh!t. It was only a matter of time. Can't worry about that now...Caught a few stragglers then PFFFFffffssssssst. Done. Double Flat. Never had that happen. Ce'st la vie. At least I've got a thermos of coffee and rice krispie treats back in the truck. On the positive side, It was a true litmus test for the speedvagen geometry. I nearly killed myself on the pit bike trying to take the same lines I was taking earlier in the race. I was also surprised at how quickly I had adopted to SRAM, screwing up several shifts on the shimano equipped pit bike. Guess I'd better change that one over at some point. Lessons learned; Sealant? Oh, I know this one, I know this one...YES! ALWAYS. Now who's the doofus.
Always check tire pressure. Finally, be sure to lineup in front of the super strong doofus brigade.
Photo By Abbiorca.com

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