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Monday, October 01, 2007

An Interbike post not about bikes.

  1. Fat or Fit. There seemed to be no in middle ground. Either people were racer thin or orca fat. Kinda spooky.
  2. Guys held on to their girlfriends as if they were running from aliens. I mean death grip. At a ratio of about 400:1 I don't necessarily blame them.
  3. The Taiwan pavilion never ceases to amuse.
  4. The Italian pavilion never ceases to amuse, just not in the bust out laughing, falling on the floor kind referred to in Item 3.
  5. All my carbon are belong to us.


zank said...

#1 seems to mirror most places these days. Airports, stores, malls, etc. But I bet the ratio is a bit different at Interbike. The medium size person is going away faster than the middle class in this country.

tjh said...

Ha! sad but true. I guess it struck me more becasue it's a trade show centered on the fitness industry. Ya know, I've been going to Interbike for a long time and I'm always remembering that the largest people were mostly the big shop owners...who can blame them. Running a business like that can take 80 hour/week. But they were always surrounded by sales staff/mechanics who were, like myself, racers working in shops so they could afford the 'habit'. This is the first time I really noticed that even the schwag rats were getting big.