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Monday, October 08, 2007

Ohferchrissake! Race report #4

I'm trying to be positive, but there's little to be happy about. Yesterday was the start of the Pilarcitos series in Brisbane. I was battling a cold all week but felt fine Sunday morning. I figured I'd drive there, check the course, ride a few laps and if I was feeling it, race. Well, my head said go home, but my teammates reminded me of the points competition. The course itself, while not to my strengths, was a fun technical course. I prefer courses with long run ups and sand. This course was more of a bumpy powercourse. I had the best start in a long time, which was crucial given the 50 yards of asphalt followed by a sharp left hand bottle neck which transitioned to a right hand 180 up a short burm. On any lap but the 1st, it was ridable ,but even 10 back there was mayhem and as I was forced to dismount. He-who-shall-remain-nameless tried to RIDE UNDERNEATH, catching my rear wheel as I shouldered and almost throwing the bike outta my hands. DOnt' knwo how I recovered but I did. Then, just like last week, after a single lap....snap. That's all she wrote. SONFOABITCH. Nothing but suffering followed for 40 minutes. I'm so frustrated because I have no explanation. What the HELL is going on. I'm not racing, just suffering. I'm getting pretty tired of this sh!T. On the bright side, I think the team did well as a whole, but I had to split before results were posted. Loaned a wheel to Mel and she rode it to 5th in Womens Bs, so at least a part of me (my bike and I are one, dont' ya know) dah a good race.
I'm off now to drown my sorrows in coffee. Pics of my pain to follow shortly. The arrival of 11 should ease my pain some.

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