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Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Oh My!

More pics here.


tjh said...

Jeez Loius! She's beautiful. Too beautiful. Nothing a little dirt can't fix.

Andy A said...

AAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah. And all is right with the world!

Killer pics. Isn't it freaking amazing in PERSON!!!???

Rode mine again this morning (so far, have a total of about 110 minutes on it...) and found myself wishing for some mud. Strange weather suddenly; it rains midweek and not on weekends, so the courses arent the usual goofest. Ya know, unicorns and ravens and crap I guess can eff with our mortal atmosphere like that.

Hey, I'm not complaining. Last weekend the conditions were p*e*r*f*e*c*t for really feeling the rig, rather than just surviving the elements. I think we're sposed to have similar weather this Sunday up here.

Aaaaaaaah. Is it Sunday yet?

Anonymous said...

dude, that is super nice. great to finally see a geared vagen up close!

Morgan said...

OMFG so nice! I can't wait to see it. You'll let me do a muddy lap on it, right?

Fixie Rider said...

Like Andy said - The ride is soooo sweet. TJH, I hope you have gotten your Speedvagen built and taken it out for a spin.

I just got back from cross practice and the ride was amazing. I felt so much faster on the Speedvagen than on the San Jose. The power of the Unicorn was definitely with me!!

tjh said...

The build is coming along nicely. Taking my time. Can't wait to get it dirty. Hopefully this weekend. More pics soon. Frame wieght was 1810g. If you figure the seatpost or lack there of is worth about 200g, it would put a 57cm frame at abotu 1610g. Pretty svelte for a magnet magnet.

lauren said...

is that a juice box you're drinking?

tjh said...

It's chocolate milk!