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Friday, October 05, 2007

My cross philosophy in a nutshell.

"Sometimes it comes down to who is hardheaded enough to keep on going during trying circumstances and being satisfied with moderate goals like not getting lapped."
-Erik Tonkin

That pretty much sums it up...except substitute the word "lofty" for "moderate". Years back, when I moved up to Master A's, I scored a top ten finish. One week later my 1st daughter was born and been readjusting my goals ever since. It's reassuring to see someone of Erik's caliber echoing a core belief of mine.

Read the entire Erik Tonkin post here. Excellent interview by Brooke.


Andy A said...

Love that thought. At most levels of cross, success is just achieving some small thing you say to yourself deep inside. Nevermind what lap it is or what place you are; it's am I gonna ride this or what? Great quote by Erik, and Brooke is on our team (Tireless Velo.) Super dedicated guy, I've not seen anyone practice fundamentals like him-- and it pays off. Hmm, what a concept.

Fixie Rider said...

So true! Not getting lapped is my goal for this year since it is my first in the Single Speed division. And holy sh*t there are some fast guys out there.

TJH - Did you get your frameset yet? You are probably busy building your Speedvagen right now. I can't wait to see it when you are done.

tjh said...

Frame arrives tomorrow. The way I've been racing though, I doubt even the poser of the unicorn can save me.