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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Ode to Abbiorca. Shameless Plug to Garner Favor.

Nancy and Russ are great people. Genuinely nice people. The kind of people that bug me...but in a good way. The kind of way that feels like a tiny burr stuck inside your sock, reminding you to be nice and let that idiot into your lane. Anyway, being the nice people that they are, I happily give them money. Why? because they are awesome photographers. They are better at it than they are at being nice! Reverse that and they'd be saints with point-n-shoots. Any way, you've prolly seen their stuff and not even known it. They shoot all over the place, have made the cover of "Rolling Stone", love cross (and cycling in general) but best of all make they me look good. Not runway model good. They are not miracle workers after all. But cross good. Suffering good. Dirt in the teeth good. They even manage to make me look as if I'm in a race instead of riding around by myself in a field. Thanks you guys. Thanks. Without your pics, no one would believe I actually showed up. Oh and will someone please tell me why the hell I was whistling?

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