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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

The Cascades.

When you've got kids, a full time job, and all the trappings that go along with said happy meal, you need to get creative w/ your training time. I use to go run stadiums at Cal, but it just wasn't doing it for me. Thus was born "The Cascades". Since I do alot of training on my lunch hour, as cross season would roll around I began looking for the equivalent of an urban cross loop. It needed to be close to work, incorprate some run-ups, have a bit of recovery and hopefully be accessible to others. A few years ago I stumbled up The Cleveland Cascade. Check out the pic. That's a looooong set of stairs. The real joke comes at the top when you remount and have to keep climbing for another 100 meters. Nice! A few wrong turns later and I had a good 5 minute loop. Eight repeats and I was ready to puke. So far so good. The only problem was, I was lonely. In the early days, my buddy Robeanski would tag along and that 130lb MF-er would put some hurt on. Still, I was often just solo. Last year, PuddinPie started coming out on a regular basis. I despised his youthful legs, but welcomed his non-stop banter. But that's about as big as it got. So today was a bit of a milestone. No less than 6 crossers showed up to do The Cascades. Myself, Rhoda, PuddinPie, Scarecrow, Jesus, and Rook. Fiesty shows up w/o a bike but sporting some smart and sassy running shorts. My heart sang...then the laps started and it almost stopped. Rhoda always thinks his size is a hindrance (think Chewbacca meets Magnus Backstedt), yet in the next breadth complains about not finding an indoor trainer that can provide enough resistance. I think his power output is about 1.21 jigawatts. Scarecrow shows up for the first time on some tired ole rag of a cross rig and quickly shows that it's most definateley not about the bike! Jesus shows up late, but provides us w/ ample opportunity for heckling as he does lap upon lap. PuddinPie, Rook and me pull up the rear. I'm so happy I could almost hurl. We must be doing 'em right. Rock on fellas.


TommyC (aka Jesus) said...

clearly you've seen some of the pictures of me pre-1999. White/Anglo Hey-Sooos for sure. Thanks much for the HUP-HUP-HUPing...I'd have stopped a couple of laps early w/o it.

BTW - my job's a pain in the training lately. Missed POO laps on Tuesday and almost missed the loverly Cascade today.

lauren said...

when rhoda yawns, he sounds just like chewbacca.

that is, if rhoda is who i think he is.

gthoma88 said...

Nice! You crack me up. And you are always so flattering. I was not brining up the rear, I was like a full 1/2 lap behind.