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Thursday, November 01, 2007


She's B-e-a-u-ti-ful. Please god please please please please! I soooo dont' need one of these.
Thank you SkyMall, Thank you!

Donuts. Is there anything they cant' do.

...wonders if one can put a chicken in it?


Morgan said...

You don't eat donuts, do you? I figured you for one of those no-fats eaters.

I don't eat donuts. But I'm still large.

tjh said...

you figured wrong ;-)

tjh said...

Burns: Look at that pig. Stuffing his face with donuts on my time!
That's right, keep eating...Little do you know you're drawing ever closer to the poison donut!

There is a poison one, isn't there Smithers?
Smithers: Err...no, sir. I discussed this with our lawyers and they consider it murder.
Burns: Damn their oily hides!

The Smile Collector Photography said...

Me like-e! Actually I am mezmorized. How much would it cost to buy the damn thing and see how long beore the hot boiling vat of oil portion of the machine goes in for recall....two pair of theater tickets? Might be worth the show....moni

tjh said...

If I thought it could make something even resembling a decent cake donut, I'd be all over it.

Fixie Rider said...

TJH - Better than donuts? Well maybe... The Day of the Speedvagen is coming. This Sunday is 11/11. The power of the Unicorn is sure to be with you!