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Thursday, November 29, 2007


My daughter saw Maggie sitting on my workbench. "What's that!" she cried. I had come across my old mojo while searching in attic boxes for something else. I proceeded to tell her that way back when, silly trinkets were to mountain bikes as spokecards are to fixies today-tres Hipster. Blank stares. My daughter has never seen the Simpsons. I am both proud and ashamed of that fact. We don't watch TV=proud. I'm a huge Simpsons fan, yet cannot share that w/ my 5 year old= ashamed. She also isn't too sure about the whole alleycat/fixie craze, but I digress. I took a different tack. "She used to bring me luck" I said. "Well why not try her now?" I had no antithesis to her thesis so on the bike she went. Truth is, I'm glad she's back.

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fhfr436 said...

I'd bet that I can find an old photo showing Maggie on the Specialized Epic!