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Monday, November 26, 2007

MOOO! Race report #7

I raced like a cow. Now who's the doofus. Not fun. This weekend was the Pilarcitos series race in Golden Gate Park, arguably the best courses of the year. I hadn't raced in over a month so I was a bit anxious, but fer crumb sake I didn't think I'd actually forget how to ride a f-ing bike. I was all over the place. While I'm no longer fast, I take pride in the fact that I'm pretty smooth, at least 120 grit. As a matter of fact, when I tell people how poorly I finished they often remark "Gee, well you LOOKED fast". I live for those moments, really I do. I'm also the goddamn TAPE guy. I've been using it for years. I rolled one and after popping it back on, had to pretend I was racing in the mud the last two laps. I'm sure Rhoda was secretly pleased. Now it was a pretty dramatic crash that caused the roll, so I'm not flipping back to glue pots just yet, but I'll be a little less cavalier in the future. To further chalkboard me, the guy on my six started giving me advice! GRRRrrrrrrrrrr. As if I wasn't already cheesed enough, Mr "I forgot my race number so now I've got this crayola one I made all by myself" telling me to carry more speed into the corners. Did you not see me putting my tire back on the rim when you went by! It frosted me enough to do the unthinkable...chase him down! Afterward, I realized I had too much gas left. Way to much. Anyone got a siphon?

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