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Friday, January 23, 2009

Mmmmm...Junk Miles.

When I was growing up, asking for a snack provoked an almost autonomic response from my parents. The phrase "have an apple" was so commonplace it was uttered as often as "clean your room". In a household of five kids, that's basically saying it every other breath. My idea of a snack was a Dolly Madison Zinger...so completely superior to a Twinkie as to make the comparison laughably absurd. I digress. I haven't done many junk miles these past 6 years. This past fall, I don't think I did a single one. Others may call by comparison the type of riding I do "junk" but they sure don't feel that way to me.
Over the past 5 months, I was either on the cross bike...hurtful...or staring at a powertap display...hurtful AND demoralizing. Whenever I looked at my training plan after a hard block, never did I see those sweet words "go do some junk miles". It was always some oh-so practical recovery ride. It was always "have and apple". So these past few weeks, I've been getting fat on nothing but a steady diet of junk miles and while it may not do the body much good, it sure is Zinger for the soul.

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