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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Hey Mister Mayor....You Suck!

The Hln8r had a chance run-in with our sterling mayor yesterday. Now I understand he was a respected and accomplished congessman, but as a mayor, he's setting a pretty low bar to trip over. What he was doing up at our rinkely-dinkely Safeway is somethin' I'm still itchin' to know, but after un-wisely trying to make cutesy talk w/ our 2.5 yr old daughter (aka feisty-pants), the Hln8r looked him in the eye and said "This city needs a LOT of help", then continued into the Safeway. She apparently caught him a bit off guard, as the poor Quixote was left standing beside his limo shouting campaign slogan after her. Oh Fortuna, to have been a witness to such bliss! I'm getting all tingley again. I hearts the Hln8r!

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