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Monday, October 20, 2008

Speedvagen 2008...Can I get any better than this?

I bet it can, if the 2008 model is any indication. Gone is the beautiful, yet not as functional stainless seatcap. The new seatcap is far simpler and more functional. Kudos. The teardtop tt has been replaced by a sleeker and sexier one. I'm sure there's some weight savings and performance improvement in there somewhere, but I just like looking at it! The ride is just perfect. And the paint...er....powder. Dear God. All I can say is Sacha's really screwed himself this time. This years "Suprise me" is going to be hard to top. Then again, I've learned not to 2nd guess the man.

The nitpick: no post of mine would be complete without some sort of complaint. Come on Sacha! We speedvageneers want our own headbadge...and dropouts...and custom cross stems!
So There (sticks out tongue)!


fhfr436 said...

I hadn't noticed before that you have 2 rear cogs. What's the tooth difference and how do you get the chain accomodate the difference?

fhfr436 said...