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Monday, October 20, 2008

Some Sad, Some Happy. Race Report #3.

The local: Mclaren Park. The course: Super-sucky: My results: not Super-sucky, just sucky.
Let's get one thing straight, I hate this course...well, most of it. I do like the run-up, but it's still far too bumpy/climby for my taste. That being said, my placing doesn't reflect my hindsight-reality. I started slow, didn't foresee the inevitable traffic jam of the 35+A's which only started about 20 seconds in front of us, and did the unthinkable...cased a barrier, tripped, and arrested my fall by augering my front wheel, twisting my bars 90 degrees. I also dropped a chain!Dammit! Those barriers are my f-ing bread&butter. It also came at the end of lap 1, so everyone was still flying and I dropped about 6-8 places in no time. It took another lap just to get a rhythm back. On the plus side, I know I can push harder. I know I'm not peaking yet. I'm looking forward to GGP. The flexus hooked up well and I pushed them pretty hard on the 1st crazyass left sweeping descent. Glad I let out a 5psi at the start.
  • Things of Note: Rhoda raced the 35+ A, then had 10, maybe 15 minutes to suck some water and GU's before jumping in to the SS race. I'm there consolling my sorry ass and he's out doubling. I'm feeling so small.
  • The Fox score a much deserved podium. I wish he raced for Team Oakland. hint hint.
  • And speaking of Team Oakland, I just want to say thanks. It's such a great team. It's full of people who put in far more time and work that I can, yet give me ZERO grief. Just the opposite as a matter of fact. I arrive w/ only enough time to warm-up for my race and I can never stick around and help out as the guilt of leaving my wife w/ the two tasmanian devils starts to bear down on me. I'm always packing up my crap and clearing out as if my P.O. was coming. Just as I'm getting ready to leave, ToysRus hands me a hot Brat wrapped in a waffle, I little something for the road. Can I get an Amen!

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morgan said...

Good job, Thomas. 11 seconds!