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Monday, October 05, 2009

Race Report #3. The Whine Cellar, Mclaren and Myrah

Yep, you saw it here first. My new secret weapon. From the "Ministry of Silly Walks Stretching for Athletes DVD, I'm goose stepping my way into shape just prior to the self mortification of that which is Mclaren. Goose stepping is the new Kettle Ball., didn't you know?
There's no real reason to whine about Mclaren. Lots of people do it better than I. To be honest, it's not the course (Course layout courtesy of PuddinPie) that tweaks me so much. What sucks harder than the run-up-hairballdecent-climbuponclimb is the everything that's not the course. The parking, of which there is none, the surrounding environs, which leave no place to warm up, and the, um, neighborhood. During my 'warm-up' through the streets, I watched a two seperate yoots casing cars. Nice. At least they moved several blocks from my car after saying "Good morning" to them 4 or 5 times as I rode around. I really had unrealistic expectations for the race. I'd been feeling sub-par since Wednesday. My tune-up ride the day before was harder than the numbers would suggest and my legs just wouldn't come around during warm-up. The adrenaline of running top 5 lasted until the base of the paved climb. Then, three minutes into the race, the wheels fell off. I went from 5th to 10th in 10 seconds. 10th to 15th in the next 20 seconds. It's at this point a smart man heads for the car, gets dressed and comes back to the course with a cow bell. I so wish I could be that man. Instead, I continued to suffer, unable to respond to even the push from Tom. Fatigue caused my fumble after the barriers and a mechanical. Just salt on the wound. The only consolation was Don Myrah. Not that I like getting lapped by anyone, but if that anyone is a former world champion, my ego sleeps a bit sounder. He's been poking his way back into cross the last few years, but he's full-time serious this season. And let me tell you, he was putting on a clinic. I was able to stay within sight of him until the decent. He dropped as if on a freerider. A sight to see. Crazy. Just rooster tails and dust. After eating up the 35+ As, he took a switch to the Elite A's. Gonna be fun to watch.

IMG_8979, originally uploaded by J. Suzuki.

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fhfr436 said...

Don Myrah was one of my favorite Pros back in the '90s. I'm glad to hear he's still racing (or again?)