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Monday, October 19, 2009

Gift horse. Race Report #4

I hate racing sick, but I had little choice. Fortuna smiled slightly however, and I managed to come away with 2nd. I will be eternally grateful. General concsensus was that the new kit was worth 5-10 seconds per lap too. I'd have to agree. I wasn't feeling great and knew it during warm up. MFS was on hand, as was the "Cheetah", last years series winner. To my surprise, Cheetah was also sporting a new kit. To my dismay, it was the same as MFS. I was going to have my work cut out. Now two of the fastest singlespeeders out there were teammates. Double crap. My foggy brain thought the tactic of the day was to lead from the front. I was thinking that if we could establish a gap, they'd be content to ride my sorry pace. In hind site, maybe I should have tried to sit on. Sure enough we got the gap I was hoping for, but they weren't content with me snailing around the course and the attacks started early. Cheetah attatcked on the long straight, knowing he out geared me a bit. It hurt big-time to stay on his wheel. On the 2nd or 3rd lap, MFS counter attacked hard and I had no choice but to watch. Cheetah sat on my wheel. Fate interviened moments later however, and Cheetah flatted. The gap we had established was mercifully sufficient for me to settle in and hang on although I didn't know it. I was in a daze the whole race, unable to tell where I was in relation to the chaser. I hope I didn't dig my self into too deep a hole.

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