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Thursday, April 30, 2009

More people I hate!

I Hate creative people. HATE. THEM. My sister, the kids at Stamen, Sacha, my "Mad Men" neighbor and just about everyone at House Industries. Damn them all. I've always wanted to be cool, have a cool business card, hand them to people who had no interest whatsoever in whatever it was I was doing. The card however, would stop them stupid and change their mind. I even started a business long ago just so I could have an excuse to get one. The aforementioned sister came up with a sweet logo to boot. But alas, I was in the veritable debtors prison of students loans and could not afford such luxury. Then I came upon this site and realized just how futile my efforts would have been. I'm on my knees.

Here's just a smudge of what's behind the curtain.

There's sooo much more.

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