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Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Hooray for Sciencessness!

Hg is one of my favorite elements from a strictly nerdgeek point of view. From a treehunging one, though, it's a bitch. I'm also partial to K (spontaneous combustion. Yeah!), Li(spontaneous combustion AND mind altering!) Os (oh so dumb...er...dense), Pr (fun so say and spell), and just about anything radioactive.


gewilli said...

i get to play with OsO4 all the time...

nasty nasty stuff

Os alone ain't so bad... that tetroxide - oooh well nasty

tjh said...

Nasty Indeed! http://webbook.nist.gov/cgi/inchi/InChI%3D1S/4O.Os

I've long since given up on playing w/ said inorganics and stick to the simulated versions ;-)

fhfr436 said...

Mr. Chemist, theoretically,
Most people believe that H2O is the only compound that expands when freezing, but I heard once that Hg does this too and that they are the only TWO compounds that do it. Please confirm.

tjh said...

AHA! It's a trick question isnt' it! Hg is not a compound...it's an element. Three cheers and a tiger for me!