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Sunday, November 09, 2008

The Stick....Race Report #4

I hate the 'stick' almost as much as Mclaren. It's a dusty, bumpy, power course. I few days of rain leading up, however, can work miracles, even on that wretch of a course. I wasn't sure how things were going to go. I had gotten the flu two weeks back which forced me to miss the Halloween Surf City race. I still haven't gotten over that loss. It's my favorite race of the season and the last course I ever won on....*sigh*. Anywho, Leading up to this race, I had to scale back the training block. The course as I said is bumpy and twisty save for a long road stretch. The rain at least made it sticky and Flexus @ 30psi hooked well. My start was not great, but not bad yet the legs felt a little sluggish and didnt' have the punch necessary to push through the 35 A traffic we start catching midway through the first lap. It took a good two laps for them to loosen up and to accelerate on demand. By that time, Jesus had caught me and we rode half a lap until he bogged down a bit on the run section and I went on by. To be honest, I really wasn't paying much attention to the race up front. I had my eye on Cornbeef, gaining on my six. So I have to say I was a bit suprised when I rolled up to a 4-pack as we hit the long paved section on the last lap. I quick glance and I saw three #5xx series numbers. My race series. Holy Crap, a 4 up sprint.
Now, let me remind y'all, I haven't been in this situation in quite some time....and I run a "junior" cluster in the rear (14-25) leaving me w/ a top 44x14. I honestly didn't ever think I'd need much more. I had about 3 seconds to contemplate my navel. Dan jumped 1st to see who'd come out to play and George bit hard. I jumped George's wheel. I was in a good gear to accelerate up, but it was also the same gear I'd have to run the last 100 meters with and. could. not.come...around. Missed it by a tire width. That's racing. It was a good all things considered. I'm looking forward to Goldden Gate. I just need to stay healthy.

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