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Monday, November 24, 2008

Race Report #7. That was fun...but it couldza a been more funner

There's a first for everything. Today at LARPD, the SS entries outnumbered the A's. And this time Cheetah was on hand. He's the series leader so I was looking forward(or not) to see how I'd stack up and to see how my new training plan was working. It goes something like this. Train hard, get sick, race poorly, take week off, race well. Rinse and repeat. When the whistle blew, Cheetah, myself and Ace (one of the A's) hit the front a got a quick gap. The legs, they had good sensations and with some much lucky, maybe a good race. I saw no need to push it too much as we built a good cushion on lap 2. It was shaping up to be a fun race. I could tell Cheetah and I were riding about the same so we began toying with each other a bit to see who had what where. Then I thoughtI noticed my front tire getting squirrely. I rode lap 3 in denial: "it's not going flat...it's not going flat. then lap 4 trying to will air into the tire. Ace and Cheetah had gone to the front but didn't really jump until I hit the pit. Thanks for not attacking earlier when y'ins knew I was running on about 5 psi (It took awhile for the sealant to do it's thing I guess). That was classy. Jesus met me for a wheel change...smooth as butter...Thanks Bro! but it still took about 15 seconds. Cheetah gassed it w/ Ace and I could never make up the ground. Too bad. It was going to be a battle. Cheetah has the series locked up. I missed too many races, but we both were bummed about the flat and I hope he shows up just to keep things interesting!

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