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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

I am Legend.

I went to Interbike at the last minute. I didn't plan on posting much about it as many other websters seem to make a career out of it these days ... and have much better cameras. However there were two incidents that I just couldn't help reflecting on. 1st, there was Lance. It was post press conference (plenty on *that* little floor show elsewhere) and he was steamrolling across the show floor w/ a pesky swarm on his heels. A few booth mannequins swooned as he went by. He was not smiling. Then there was Eddie. I'd seen him earlier in the day, doing his damndest to look interested, but looking more like he wished to just open a vein and end it all. It was closing time and the lights had just been shut off. A polite reminder to clear the hell out. I was waiting for a friend when he came walking by alone. Just himself, his briefcase and a nicely tailored blue suit. We made eye contact and I smiled bowed my head in polite reverence . He smiled back. Now don't get me wrong. I'm a Lance fan, albeit a guarded one. But Eddie is in a class by himself.

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