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Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Called out.

So gewilli called me out today and I am deeply humiliated.I tried, I really did. I'm so embarrassed. It was a moment of weakness...and a very expensive one. I didn't want a power meter. It just showed up. Really. I didn't want FTP, STP, power profiles, CNS, CVS, WKO+, REO, CPV, TSS, NP, MMP, NAN or any of that other crap. I opened up Pandora's box and all those acronyms just came spilling out all over the floor. Now gewilli is thoroughly disgusted with me AND I've got one hell of a mess to clean up. Oh how do I get back in thine good graces? Would telling you I also got a coach work?

There is an upside. Being the self-loathing defeatist that I am, being able to quantify ones suckness in multicolored graphs does hold a certain morbid appeal.

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gewilli said...


i shouldn't have watched that video before reading this... it reads quite well in their voices...