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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Running is Stupid.

Actually I'm stupid, running is just the grist for the mill, whatever the hell that means. Here's the proof. This year I decided to add more running to my cyclocross training. To keep my self motivated, I decided to train for a fast 10k come June. My running "coach", El Super Burrito, a co-worker and ironman tri-guy extraordinaire, helped get my program in line. The plan was simple. Add a few days of running to my cycling program until race time, then tapper off the running a bit and increase the saddle time. Well, when we sat down to find the 10k that worked for both our work/family schedules, the only thing that meshed was the Dick Houston Memorial Woodminster Race. Hmmm let us think a bit...I've been training mostly on the flats, looking to hold a 6:50-7:00 pace. Now let's look at the course profile. Yep, that race suites me perfect! How do you go from training for a fast 10k to racing a 8.82 trail course w/1700+ ft up climbing? Being stupid, That's how.

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