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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Running is Hard

I've learned a lot running these last 6 months; running down steep trails is a black art, trying to 'softpedal' while running makes you come to a complete stop, You can't eat ANYTHING 30 minutes prior to a run, and I now know why walkmans were invented. Running is mind-numbing. It's also mentally taxing, much more so than road racing. That's probably a function of experience. My bicycle racing demons and I are on a first name basis. My runnings demons own my sorry butt. I haven't wanted to quit something so painful in a long time. "chapeau" to runners everywhere. Christ it's hard.


Cyclocross Magazine said...

running huh? much respect. in my motivated beantown days, I spent a lot of time running. I'd run the wed cross course, run to the gym, run stadium stairs til dizzy. and while it made me way stronger on the run-ups, my running has pretty much been eliminated from my training. curious if you've found your running has helped much in the bay area races?

I'd run more but a knee I fractured a year ago doesn't enjoy it much. But with fewer barriers, and very short run-ups and dry conditions most of the time, I often think I'm better off putting more time on the bike.

I was very surprised in the interviews we did with the nats winners how little the top riders actually ran. tim johnson said he tries to go for walks mostly. if I walk more will I win nats too?

tjh said...

You've inspired a new post! I was just going to reply, but thought it deserved a life of it's own.