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Monday, December 10, 2007

Maggie...In the beginning.

After seeing the Maggie post, a friend back in Michugina said he probably had a photo of her lashed to a rig. It occurred to me that if he had one, I prolly did too. 15 minutes later, I had it! A little outta focus, but you get point. The photos are circa 1992-1993. The bike, a Specialized Epic. The race, a Chicago cross race in freezing temperatures. This was my pit bike back then. After the 4 hour drive back to Naptown, most of the ice chunks had fallen off. I got on the scale at a friends house after the race. 15lbs of that stuff was glued to the frame. Check out the crankset! LOL! I must have been completely insane back then. Driving 4 hours each way to race cross is some of the crappiest conditions on the planet...repeatedely! This particular race I remember well. No one knew who won since we all fled to our cars in fear of frostbite. All the spectators...yes there were actually spectators....we're talking Chicago tough..were situated at the bottom of a long icy hill that was so slick, mid race you had no choice but to slide down on yer beedum. At the bottom was a not-as-yet frozen stream. The crowed booed if you didn't try to ride it. Like I said, Chicago tough.


fhfr436 said...

Nice saddle position.
BSNYC would be proud of you ... if it were a fixie!
I remember the stories of your Chicago races - probably that one in particular. You've always had that stupid abandon ... of course those were the days of wifeless, kidless freedom - the guys you despise and target today.

tjh said...

hey fhfr, did you ride the MI cx championships! looked "chicago epic"!

fhfr436 said...

Yes, it was sweeeeeet! I killed some clown for 12th in the C U39 race. The C race is the first one, so we actually had the best traction of anyone. During our warmup it started to rain, but that subsided and we had an easy race. I saw the compilation video and I have to say I was jealous. We had a very dry and clean season.

fhfr436 said...

Man, it must have been a s***feast if your pit bike got that dirty!