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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Always interesting.

I never tire of Felice Varini. I cant' say the same for Julian Beever (you do the google). The Varini web site is infuriating so take some advice:
From the home page go to the second drop-down menu: "index chronoligique" and choose a range of years (e.g. 2000/2009) to go to an index page for those years. From that page choose the index drop-down (e.g. index 2000/2009) and select an individual year (e.g. 2005) and you'll finally be rewarded with a set of thumbnails and the first main image. Click the thumbnails to see larger versions of the works in the other thumbnails. Click on the magnifier icon below the main image to see a nice large image of the work. Most importantly, in the drop-down menu below that says "Hors point de vue", choose "ouvrir" to see the views of the work from other perspectives.

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