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Monday, July 09, 2007

All I want for 3-months-before-Christmas is my Speedvagen

So all I care about is cross. I've raced just about everything in the last 25 years and cross is it. Period. Why? Well, I'm old...and I've got two YOUNG kids, and a wife who loves me (I plan to keep it that way) and she loves cross, and I've got a job, and a house and, and, and. You get the picture. So why suck for hours in some road race from hell when I can just suck for 45 minutes and be done with it! What about crits you say?...BAHHAHAHA. Been there, done that. I've never seen so many middle aged men willing to race like complete idiots for little more than entry fee money and some Gu.
Chances are if you crash in a cross race, it's your own damn fault. And if you do well, it's your own damn fault there too. Crash in a cross race and you get back up and finish. Crash in a crit and well, um...maybe. Oh, and cross races are kid friendly and muddy and nutty and all that crap. God I love cross. Which brings me to Speedvagen. I'm about to drop more serious college fund money on a bike I spend only 3-4 months on than I would on any road rig. Why? Because Sacha is the only builder I've seen recently who actually took the time to consider how to make a cross rig better, then took the time to try out those ideas on a frame for himself and ride. It's a stripped down race rig. Very bauhaus. Very Hot-Damn! I cant' wait.

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