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Monday, October 03, 2011

In the Bag. 2011 race #1

SS CX rule # 12. If the gear feels good in warm-up, it's too big.
SS CX rule #33. Get that F-ing 18t cog back that you loaned to your teammate BEFORE you go to the race.

Raced SS at Lion of Fairfax on Saturday. It always feels good to get that first one outta the way. I wasn't 100% due to that mid Sept. cold so when faced with either a 64 or a 54 inch gear, I chose the latter (A 60 would have been perfect in retrospect ). I was woefully undergeared on the front half of the course, but was drilling it on the slow rooted climb....and no cramping. I ignored the "Go Hampster Go" cat calls through the start finish and told myself I had made the right choice. I finished mid-pack without having to go too deep. That's not to say I didnt' suffer. I made some big efforts to reel in a friend of mine over the first few laps, but I paid the price and was hurting as I came through the start/finish. When I looked up to see "5 to go" on the lap cards, I was sure they had made a mistake. When they showed "4 to go" one lap, later, I realized it was no mistake and almost headed to the car. Not sure how I hung on for 4 more laps, but I'm happy with the result considering I"m about 3 weeks behind schedule fitness wise.

Side note: checked out Tim C's latest incarnation of his hydraulic setup. It's pretty damn sweet. Fantastic modulation with a single finger. CX discs are definitely in my future. Hurry up Shimano/Sram/Sacha!


fhfr436 said...

I have to say, those hydraulic adapters are definitely home-brewed. I like the concept and it's a cool thing to do, but I'd never put those knee choppers on my handlebars!

Jason said...

I have the first set of production adapters from Tim, but I still need to order the Formula R1 brakes to go on my Moots. Then I need to decide whether to give up the pinky fame and start racing the stiffer Moots or stick with the flexy steel bike...

Oh, decisions.