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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

I train during my lunch hour. I don't want to train at lunch. I'd rather go to Vik's. I'd rather ride after work. I'd rather come home late and eat dinner on the sofa with my legs up. But such is not my life, so I ride at lunch. Almost without fail, someone will ask as I stink my way back to my office if I had a nice ride. I use to say "Yes". I would tell them what they expected to hear. I use to lie. My rides are never nice. I don't have the hours for 'nice'. Mine are invariably some form of 'ugly'. They range from slightly off-putting to down right Rob Zombie. As a result, my co-workers will no longer ride with me. So I'm alone in my misery, talkin' crazy talk to no one. But at least I no longer lie...except to myself ;-)


Tim K said...

couldn't you at least include a depressing photo to go along with this?

Like you, I don't know, throwing up while doing a post-lunch PPT demo?

tjh said...

didn't you click the rob zombie link?
That's pretty much it