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Friday, December 11, 2009

I like Bob Seger?

Every once and awhile a Bob Seger tune will come on the radio. It happened this morning. I'm not a Bob Seger fan by any stretch. I dont' own a thing he's written, never been to a concert, don't own a t-shirt...and I HATE, HATE "Lke a Rock". Yet there I was, listening, no, almost enjoying "Rock and Roll Never Forgets". Hell, that song didn't even make his "long awaited" Greatest Hits Vol. I CD. So why couldn't I turn it off? I sat and pondered that for awhile. Was it because I could now, only after years of musical training, appreciate the arrangement and musicianship? Maybe it was the hammering piano? Or maybe, and this is that part that started to scare me, it was that Bob Seger had somehow seeped into my genes. Growing up in Detroit, avoiding Bob Seger music was like avoiding air. Not a breath went by when you didn't hear him on the radio. I swear it felt as if W4 only had two albums to spin, Bob, and Ted Nugent. Over time, I think those songs just became part of my growing up whether I liked it or not. What I was feeling was nostalgia; my blue stingray, the backyard pool, Sentry Drugs and games of pickle. Now I just wished I'd a listened to more Stevie Wonder in grade school.

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