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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Falling off the data wagon.

I'm teetering on the brink. I can feel it. The slope is too steep....and besides I kinda want to fall off/in. You see, I use to be a data nut. The fire has always been there, I'm a science nerd after all, but my friend Jaybird fanned the flames. He's an engineer and we were teammates...scientist+ engineer + racing: recipe for disaster smeared all over it. We were those fidiots sporting ginormously ugly, phenomenally expensive, Polar HRs with download capability back in the 80's . Long before the Joe Friel Training Bible, there was the Jaybird Datalog. A handmade binder of datasheets built in excel. I wore my HR all the time...yes, All. The. Time. I was such a loser. And I recorded everything. Everything. *Ding*, we have a loser. Christ. all I can do is sit here and shake my head. For years, I lived data...HR, RPE, Kilos, Km, VO2, blaaaaaaaaaaaaaah. Then I went cold turkey. Shunned it all. Stripped the computers off the bikes and lived like a hermit. I needed nothing but two wheels and focused furry! Truth is, I probably didn't like what all the data was telling me...that I was a sloth. It's much easier to lie to yourself when you tear away the electrodes and act dumb. Then I met Rhoda. He's also a teammate, but from a different decade...this one. And he IS the Modern Major General of data guys. He owns all the latest acronyms, monitors all the forums and my heads spins in the glorious data that pours forth from the digital realm of which he is truly king. I NEEED a powermeter. I MUST have a Garmin. Andy Coggan is the new Scientology!!!!!!!!!!!! JesusMaryJosephandalltheApostles, somebody save me from myself...or at least buy me a Powertap...2.4 Sl please. Whew!


gewilli said...


you will regret every moment you are slave to that data...

do you know how much extra time D/Ling and analyzing all that stuff takes?

Time better spent getting a massage, feet up on the table, drinking a 'recovery drink' talking about the ride...

You are certainly better off w/o said device.

Won't make ya faster in cross

a data science junkie - former powertap user who saw the light


tjh said...

Wise words from the sage...I'd better pay heed!

Le Pompadour said...

Cadence. With an innate understanding of HR all you need is cadence.