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Friday, September 14, 2007


I like Chris Horner. He's one of the few cyclist interviewed who seems to shoot straight . He rarely sugar coats and at times makes comments I'm sure neither his sponsors, teammates or even other teams appreciate. He loves to race his bike and it shows. He gives insight into race tactics that remind everyone yet again what turd is Troutwig. Once gain, he delivers a quote that rings true....too true.

"Come on, you've made your career in cycling, and now that the sport is trying to clean itself up, you're just walking away?"
Chris Horner on Lance Armstrong and the Tailwind Sports abandoning it's sponsor search.

While I'm not entirely convinced that everyone in the sport is trying to clean it up, the hypocrisy of LA and Tailwind sure leaves a bad taste in my mouth...like the taste of earwax. Ewwww!

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